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Here is a selection of past FELIX (print) ARTIST PAGES by issue. An ARTIST PAGE means that the presenter created their own pages, designing them as they please. As you can see this format has proven rich with diversity including a wide range of works.

Each issue has been developed around a theme:

RISK/RIESGO ed.: Kathy High (Project Coordinator, U.S.), with guest editors Ximena Cuevas (Mexico), Roberto Lopez (Mexico), Ricardo Nicolayevsky (Mexico) and Jesse Lerner (U.S.) This first bilingual issue of FELIX (Spanish/English) provides a resource to both Mexican and U.S. artists for discussion of works and working strategies. Questions posed include: What makes work/life/art risky business? What is the gamble? Where is the dare, the hazard, the danger?

Voyeurism; ed. K. High, co-edited with Maria Venuto, Lisa Steele+Kim Tomczak, and Nayan Shah, looks at our obsession with looking -- the pleasures and risks.

Landscape(s), ed. K. High, co-edited with Liss Platt and dedicated to exploring issues of landscape and place, boundaries and territories, sites and mapping (Vol. 2, No. 1).

PostLiterate, ed. K. High, guest edited by Marshall Reese, examines the development of new technologies and their impact on our relationship to the written word(Vol. 1, No. 3).

Shot/Reverse Shot/A Cross-Circuit Videologue, ed. K. High, co-edited with Shu Lea Cheang, was a series of written dialogues among video makers around questions of identity in relation to ethnicity and gender (Vol. 1, No. 2).

Censoring the Media, ed. K. High, examining issues of censorship and its impact on the media community (Vol. 1, No. 1).