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Christa Erickson

I like to watch. Most people do. So do most commercial websites. neighborhood WATCH explores aspects of our culture of manic watching - some of its pleasures and consquences.

neighborhood WATCH is inspired by the Fluxus Spatial Poems by Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi and my own obsession with watching the tracking and data collection mechanisms of the World Wide Web.

In the spirit of Fluxus, it uses readymade imagery from live cameras broadcasting globally over the internet (i.e. webcams). During the exhibition TRANSMIT: Fluxus, Mail Art, Net.Works the views included one of the gallery exhibition. neighborhood WATCH also uses chance selection mechanisms to reveal three of these views at a time and fragments of vicarious data collected from web collaborators.

Please submit your thoughts.

--- Christa Erickson, January 1999