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RISK DVD is a compilation of video shorts by Mexican and U.S. artists who participated in the book project RISK/RIESGO (Vol. 2, No. 3.) The works relate to the theme of risk - embodying a transgression, a gamble, a danger, a possibility.

The DVD contains two disctinct programs entitled Pose for Me and Power Positions.

Program # 1 / Pose for Me includes 12 works that deal with portraiture, exposing something about oneself or someone else. The pieces involve performance and story telling, and often reveal a wish, desire, or a fear... playfully reworking ideas of spectacle, and beauty, and how we isolate ourselves in our own imagined worlds, alone in pain.

Program # 2 / Power Positions includes 15 works that look at power in the cunning and controlling hands of executioners, the police, or the media. This set of works also looks at death, not in a mischievous manner as depicted in Pose for Me, but as a site of manipulation and dominance. Danger is in the air.

Curated by: Kathy High
Edition of 1000 DVDs
Running Time: 117 min
Price: $15.00 / $39.95 with book
ISBN: 1-57027-162-3
UPC: 9-791570-271624



Art Jones, Blow #2
Miranda July, Getting Stronger Every Day
Silvia Gruner, Table Garden
Nao Bustamante, Sans Gravity
Ricardo Nicolayevsky, Lost Portraits
Julia Barco, Beer and Hankies
Matt Wolf, Golden Gums
Ho Tam, 99 Men
Animal Charm, Il Mouille
Miguel Calderón, Inverted Star (Possessed)
Hector Pacheco, Twelve Violent Deaths of Contemporary Artists: Vol. One
Harrell Fletcher, NY Sun Glints


Claudia Prado, Spanking the Jello
Vicente Razo, Fuck You
Art Jones, Over Above
Alex Rivera, A Visible Border
Ivan Edeza, Dead Nun
Lorena Wolffer, While We Were Sleeping (The Juarez Case)
Ivan Edeza, On Business and Pleasure
Teresa Margolles, Globs on the Skin
Andres Villalobos, Sub
Roberto López Flores, Portrait of the Crisis Generation
Carolina Esparragoza, The Martian That I Saw
Video FX, Rabbit in the Forest
Ximena Cuevas, La Tombola
Video FX, Spiderman
Nathan Gibbs, 0v3r104d


  • Video Descriptions

  • Interactive Menus

  • Curatorial Notes

  • Bonus Video by Curator

  • Menus: English and Spanish

  • Subtitles: English and Spanish