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Cynthia Chris/Suzie Silver


Coming Soon from the Unconditional Love Machine®

The Official Guide to The New Same-Sex Love, Fun
and Entertainment Capitol of the World


"...A land that I heard of, once in a lullaby..."

Where all your childhood dreams and adult fantasies come true.


Here's some Highlights of HOMOTOPIA you'll find out all about in our informative, helpful and exciting guidebook


An urban "gayte" way where the revolution never ends. Visit a scale replica of the original Stonewall Inn of Christopher Street in New York City. Enjoy a drink with loved ones or meet new ones. Several times each day, "Cops" raid the place and everyone gets to participate in the "rebellion."

Don't miss our startling array of gay and lesbian bars and nightclubs. . . Something and someone for everyone! Wear leather, denim, drag, uniform, or just you Calvins (or is that Tommy Hilfiger now)! Dance in our underground, afterhours, and underage clubs . . . Pay tribute to the spirit of the 70's in our Disco Inferno . . . Drop by our piano bar for a sing-along and see our hallowed permanent display of an audio-animatronic Judy Garland singing Homotopia's official theme song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

And of course everyday's a celebration at Homotopia. At noon, participate in our ever-changing spectacular Pride Parade.


A Lesbian field of dreams. Enjoy all the classics - softball, volleyball, touch football, soccer, or rugby. Be sure to visit our Gym Teacher Hall of Fame and the giant First Aid area. Compare injuries! Make your girlfriend feel sorry for you! Bond with other butches! All this sweaty action will have you heading for the showers!


For those of you who may be out of the closet but not afraid of the dark.

Dark Shadows. Ride a bat car through a world filled with gay and lesbian vampires from literature, cinema and lore - scary! - don't get bit. With a special detour devoted to The Hunger.

The Dungeons (separate but equal facilities).
For leather and S/M aficionados. Super-advanced audio-animatronics will put you safely through your paces - or you be the master! So life-like, you'll believe our animatronics feel the pain. A large choice of fantasy scenes.

The Fantasmic Orgasmic Theater. Where what you see is what you feel. In an unprecedented display of pyrotechnics, lasers, fog, fiber optics, giant props, and the latest in imaging technologies, 69 performers put on an unforgettable show. (Separate performances for men and women, check schedule) And when you need a break, don't forget to visit the local bars: The Hairy Bear Biker Club for men and Bad Girls for women.

For those of you who are not hard-core but enjoy a good fantasy anyway visit:
Peter Pan's Lost Boys. Fly thru the air, feel like a boy again. See Peter "cavorting" with his boys, watch the "initiations" of Wendy's brothers . . . and don't miss the classic catfight between those ultimate faghags Wendy and Tinkerbell! This attraction is a favorite of NAMBLA members.

Sappho's Isle. Ride a flying unicorn through a mythical world filled with playful nymph's, goddesses and stately mortals. Watch Aphrodite emerge from the sea! Witness the hunting skills of Artemis! Hear Sappho's lost poems celebrating lesbian love while frolicking nymph's playfully display their charms!


A nature's wonderland for men to try to find that ever elusive oppression free masculinity. Join in the wild wig hunt. Get make-up tips. Dance around the Maypole. Participate in self-fertilizing rituals.
This is the place for those into male bonding without bondage. FISH FREE.


Eat or be eaten in a politically correct home away from home for women, womyn, womon, and wimmin. For your enjoyment, A Taste of Michigan is surrounded by No Man's Land. Separatism strictly enforced. Smoke-free, drug-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free, fat free, animal product-free.


Homo Hoedown. Two-Steppin' Country Dance Madness (Mixed - but no opposite sex partnerin', pardner!)

The Mine Shaft. Ride the Mine Train deep underground to watch our hunky, grimy miners deep at work . . . you know what we mean! (On the job safety required for all interactions with the workers.)

Leapin' Lesbians All Cowgirl Ranch. For you rough and ready gals, our ranch hands will satisfy needs even Sissy Hanshaw couldn't "handle." Dont' get the blues . . . hopalong over to the ranch - and bring your chaps and spurs!


Boutiques for your shopping pleasure. Don't forget to visit the Pink Triangle T-Shirt Shop, the Red Ribbon Tattoo and Piercing Center (real or temporary, to suit all your body adornment whims), and the Rainbow All Over housewares store (decorate your home and office in gay pride motif ‹ from toilet paper to wall paper, from letter openers to linens, from canape trays to canopy beds, and from cockrings to wedding rings.