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Vol. 1, No. 2: Shot/Reverse Shot/A Cross-Circuit Videologue (printed in 1992)

Editors, Kathy High with Shu Lea Cheang

Series of written dialogues among video makers around questions of identity in relation to ethnicity and gender.

Articles by (in order of appearance):

Kathy High & Shu Lea Cheang
Videologue Number 1:Color-Develop Normal or Multicultural Politics Dis-sected:
Annie Goldson
Ada Griffin  

Videologue Number 2:(Re)position or Permission for My Motives:
Cheryl Dunye
Yvonne Rainer  

Videologue Number 3:Guarding Our Own Best Interests or Parallel Lines/Connecting Tongues:
Philip Mallory Jones
Michelle Valladares  

Videologue Number 4:Shifting Communities/Forming Alliances:
Kelly Anderson
Alex JuhaszIndu Krishnan
Frances Negron-Muntaner  

Videologue Number 5:How Many of "Us" Can Slip Through? or Public/Private Critiques
Tony Cokes
Art Jones
Valerie Soe
Rea Tajiri  

Videologue Number 6:Media Dialects and Stages of Access:
Chris Hill & Barbara Lattanzi  

Trouble in Truthville:
Ken Feingold & Coco Fusco & Steve Gallagher  

NCZ Untaped:
Not Channel Zero  

Artist Pages by:
Reggie Woolery
O. Funmilayo Makarah
Jean Carlomusto
Juan Downey
Ayoka Chenzira
Cara Mertes
George Kuchar
Thomas Harris
Testing the Limits
Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlet Harlot
Norman Cowie
8mm News
Rob Danielson
Martha Rosler